5 Tactics Essential to Building a 6-Figure Online Business

In 2015, customers spent $107 billion on online courses, according to Global Industry Analysts. The number of internet users increased from 738 million in 2000 to 3.2 billion in 2015, according to the International Telecommunication Union. In 2017, 2.46 billion people used social media every day, according to Statista. The internet and social media have created an immense opportunity for entrepreneurs. Never has there been a time during which entrepreneurs can market their business to a global audience as they can today.

While the opportunity is great, there are too few entrepreneurs and companies capitalizing on all this potential. According to research firm Clutch, 46 percent of U.S. small businesses still didn’t have a website as recently as 2016. Millions of potential leads are lost by not spending a few thousand dollars to create a foundation online.

There are entrepreneurs reading this who, with a few adjustments to their strategy, can start making the kind of income they want and are capable of making. With all of this opportunity available to us, there is no reason you can’t use the power of the internet to grow your business. If your business isn’t growing, it’s probably because you’re not executing these five strategies.

5 Tips to Speed You Through Your Business Reading

It’s bad enough having to write emails, memos, and reports. But if you really want to boost your productivity, then you have to find a better way to deal with all the reading.

You have my sympathy. I get hundreds of emails a day. Then there are exchanges with clients and editors, background reading, and more. So much reading.

I’m no Evelyn Wood speed reading graduate, but in self-defense I’ve learned techniques and strategies over the years to keep up with the flood. Here are some of them.

5 Smart Ways for Companies to Simplify Employee Commute

Several studies seem to hold the notion that employees staying closer to the office happen to stay loyal to the organisation for long. That is clearly not surprising, since having shorter commutes leave employees with more personal time to spend with family and friends, pursue a hobby, run errands and more. However, when we factor in the increasing cost of living, especially the staggering rents in areas surrounding the popular corporate business districts, it becomes easier to empathise with employees who would rather suffer longer commutes then shift closer to the office. Besides, the choice is not even available to all employees, especially the ones living with their families, taking care of the ailing health of parents and more.

However, while longer commutes might be inevitable for the majority of employees, they don’t necessarily have to suffer the transit time. Here’s what organisations can do, in order to smoothen and simplify commute for employees.

5 Ways to Harness Your Fear, According to Entrepreneur’s Editor in Chief

How do entrepreneurs overcome fear? It’s a question I get a lot. The answer is this: They never really do — but they learn to manage it, and come to appreciate the rewards of pushing past it.

That’s why I’ve created the list below. I hope each gets you thinking about new ways and reasons to act boldly. Fear is powerful, sure, but it doesn’t have to be paralyzing.

Here we go.