Miracles and Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Doctors


I am an author and editor who loves to bring an audience to the stories of others. My current work-in-progress is the life story of Gary LeBlanc, a highly successful chef who, moved by the suffering that followed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, founded Mercy Chefs, a nonprofit that provides meals in disaster zones. Mercy Chefs has fed nearly 2 million people since its founding in 2006. I am currently showing my book proposal, including five completed chapters, to interested publishers. Please private message me if you would like to see the proposal.

For five years, I worked on a series of inspirational true stories. I wrote and edited four titles in Leafwood Publishers’ Miracles & Moments of Grace series: stories of survival (2014), stories from moms (2013), stories from doctors (2012) and stories from military chaplains (2011). Each book contains 50 brief, dramatic stories.

I have also authored a book of weight loss success stories, How We Did It: Weight Loss Choices That Will Work for You (Leafwood, 2012). In it, I tell thirty stories of personal weight loss success and examines the many paths people took to success — every weight loss plan you can imagine, from Atkins to the Zone.

My two children’s books, Make It, Shake It, Mix It Up (Concordia, 2007) and Even the Sound Waves Obey Him (Concordia, 2005), pair simple science activities with biblical stories of faith. Each book has 44 stories and accompanying science activities that use everyday items and ingredients you have around the house.



In Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Doctors, Nancy B. Kennedy brings together a breathtaking collection of fifty first-person stories told by physicians from all branches of medicine–family doctors, neurosurgeons, military doctors, ob/gyns, emergency room doctors, dentists, and missionary doctors who care for hurting people across our nation and around the globe. Their experiences speak of everything from the rescue of victims in the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the heart-stopping birth of a bloodless baby boy; from a delicate procedure performed in a darkened Haitian pavilion to a terrible secret that tortures a man in his final days. Triumphant or tragic, these poignant accounts are infused with tenderness, wonder, and at times even humor. Their stories will touch your heart and lift your spirits!

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