Start With-in To Start Winning: How to Overcome Past Failures and Win in your Life and Business


If you’re told you can’t do or become something, you have a clear choice to believe it or reject it. If your mind tells you that you  don’t look sexy or attractive you have the choice to reject the idea or believe it. If your bank account is empty, you have a choice to panic or to strategize. If your relationships are breaking down you have a choice of holding on or letting go. In all situations that life brings, you either choose the healthy or the faulty option. To win in life is to always give yourself the opportunity to choose rather than being a slave of your past beliefs -mostly constructed around your past failures.
I want to help you win! Not just for yourself, but for all the people who’s lives will be inspired by your future victories.
Start Within to Start Winning will teach you how to overcome failure and past pains, difficulties and trauma in order to develop the winning mindset needed for you to become an everyday champion.
I believe in you! Your people believe in you! It’s time to #StartWithin to #StartWinning


SYNOPSIS: Start With-In To Start Winning will change your life forever, not only because of the transformational journey of the author, but because it will actually show you how to Start improving yourself from within, using proven innovative leadership techniques, in order for you to start making massive impact in your life and in the world at large. Start With-In To Start Winning is not for everyone, because not everyone is willing and capable of enduring multiple failures in order to succeed massively. Most people want to try once and succeed twice. They want to dream today and see their aspirations fulfilled next trimester. This book is not a quick fix or easy win formula that everybody can use and see results. It is a guidebook that inspires and challenges anyone with a desire to be great while educating them on how to live and leave a great legacy. You will go through different experiences as you read and learn from this book. And the one experience that you will all have is that of self confidence. This book will show you that you are worthy of winning in life and that millions of people are waiting for you to fulfill your life purpose.